Welcome to my porfolio page

I am thirtysomething project manager and a freelance 3d-modeller slash web-designer.
I'm seriously into photography and some of my photos have been used in publications around the world.
Currently I build and research different social media platforms for adult education.

I have graduaded as a Media-designer (Medianomi AMK in Finnish) from the North-Carelian Polytechnic.
I also have a degree in pedagogy, and am a qualified vocational teacher.

I have an fairly extensive background in web-design in different companys, at the moment I'm freelancing to
keep my skills up to date. You can see some of the latest works, and updates in the "Latest" section just
to the right of this text-area.

Quick CV :

Education : Media-Designer (Polytechnic -level) Finnish : Medianomi AMK, Vocational Teacher,

Skills : Web-design (xhtml, css, php, javaScript, mySql), 3D-modelling, Photography (Analog & Digital), Image Editing, After Effects, some video & video editing.

It's me
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